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    I am sorry that chapter is so short I didn't realize. The next five chapters will be pretty short as well, but I will try to write longer ones.
    Roses aren't red
    Roses aren't red
    Peeta has a huge crush on Katniss, but without the hunger games to bring the together how will he ever tell her?
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    mumbled "First story."

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    Hi guys! I am going to be releasing the first chapter of my first ever story (roses are red) it is a hunger games fanfic and it is what might have happened if the hunger games didn't exist. The first few chapters will be written before the first chapter comes out so if I don't use your idea that you commented one the first few chapters that is why, I will release the first chapter on the 8th/9th of August as I am on holiday until the 7th of August. Please read it and I hope you enjoy it. It will be my first story so please be nice!
    ~ Lily ♥
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