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  • Primjoilleyum
    In your blurb the lines with ** around them, what song are they from?! I know I've heard it but I can't remember and it's driving me insane! (:
    Take Me Back to October
    Take Me Back to...
    *Well I know the feeling ..Of finding yourself stuck out on the ledge And there ain't no healing..From cutting yourself with the jagged edge* October 4, 2011. Take me there where everything was perfect,...
    5 years ago
    Lullaby by Nickleback
  • Primjoilleyum
    I'd like to be Louis' girlfriend.
    Long light brown straight hair
    Hobbies are writing, ballet, and soccer
    I'd like there to be drama between me and his family if you could (:
    Love at last
    Love at last
    Taryn Davis just moved to miami with her brother Jack and her dad Kevin.One day her dad had kicked her out and she finds Niall Horan.Niall sees her and offers for her to live with him in his flat with...
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