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Hola! I'm Mary Jyr or you can call me Jyr or Dorky.


Music is everything . I never back down from a fight.

Name:Jyr | Birthday: Sept. 8 | Birth stone : Sapphire | Filipino | Loves to speak in accents |Directioners & Sone| SNSD and 1D is my life | Little Mix is my inspiration |Twinkle Little Star is my band | Hunger Games is my fave book | Love K-pop very much | I'm shy , very sweet and loyal | Long Black hair & Black eyes | I never been Heartbroken|I'm sexy.free and single and forever will be | I Love Books and Dancing | Singing is my talent |Writing stories is my habits | My friends are Kevin ,Bea,Reg,Aila ,Mizja& Charlyn | Wings, The Boys,Little Things,Blown Away,LWWY | Jessica Sanchez & Carrie Underwood is my fave American Idol Contestant| My stereo type is i'm a nerd.

Life is very meaningful
Love Me for Me
I Locked my self in the cellar
My friends are inspiration of mine also my family

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I Never ever broke promises. ~ I never left somebody alone ~ I am very deep down to people ~ Talk to me , i gave advice~ Leader , Main Vocalist and Dance of TLS ~ I love taking photos of everything i see.

I Only Live Once .

I Make Life better by doing great things

Music is life

I Love Food . Food is everything i want

Imagine the world to your self

I Hate to be alone

All My Love is For You

Try and Try

Never Give Up on something

Never Let down your self

Taking Pictures is Life

I am scared to love or to be rejected

I was describe in many songs

i never been love a person for a while

And may the odds be ever in your favor

Thank you for loving me

I am scared to be my self or to be talked

One more time , i still love you

I do it for my self , i'm not selfish , i need time of my own , i have my own rights , Understand that i don't have time.

Thanks For Fanning and it means a lot guys . xoxo Bye Loves <3

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