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Hello, I am Joy. A Nigerian. Welcome to my world of awesomeness and randomness, *scratch that it sounded way more cooler in my head*. Anyways, I realised popcorn and icecream is a recipe for boredom.

I have never seen the star trek or star wars movie. *Bends head and says, Is that something I should be ashamed of?*

So I loved unicorns, but my elder brother crushed my dream when I was nine telling me unicorns are not real, well I always Imagine they are. I love One direction, 5sos, Taylor Swift and Bruno Mars are totally bae. I love guys with blue eye *even if almost all the African and Nigerian population is brown-eyed*, thats why Channing Tatum is my prince charming.

I am a Christian. I love every food that is edible but I am skinny even if I eat like a pig *I love my body*. Since these is descriptions I better describe myself. I am kind of a really nice person *maybe*, I love reading and writing *obvi* and I totally love making new friends from other countries, I am skinny, brown eyed and black haired. I hate Chemistry and Physics is really interesting, I love the Texan accent *even if I suck at it*. Computer Engineering and Software Design *best dream job in the world*.

Soo, I guess my ranting rather than description is over. I loveeeeee making new friends *holds your hand and screams BE MY FRIEND* and you can follow me on wattpad: Prendywillow or twitter: @prendy_willow.


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