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I am not very good at writing, though I can produce some 'satisfactory' pieces of writing. I hope people like what I write:)
I'm not ashamed to admit that I love playing Rune Scape and Zelda games.

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    Brilliant story! BTW, is this based on Rune Scape?
    Ardougne's Crisis
    Ardougne's Crisis
    Rowan, a small time thief, lives in the City of Ardougne. A city that has been divided into east and west. Where one side shows a bustling city and the other is shrouded in mystery. Rowan lets curiosity...
    2 years ago
    Oh yeah, sorry xd. I'm not good at noticing things.
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    Larry The Mouse - A Journey
    Larry The Mouse...
    My name is Larry. I am a mouse. I am writing this auto-biography on eclecticboy's profile, as I don't have my own. My life has been full of torment. I have had highs and lows in my life. Highs like...
    Yeah well it better come faster!
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    This is my comment. Don't complain, you asked for a comment, so here it is.
    I Don't Really Know What I Should Give This Movella As A Title... Um... Ah Well... This Will Have T
    I Don't Really Kno...
    This is a movella filled with totally random and (arguably) pointless thoughts and words. I hope you like it. Please do not read this if you are expecting it to insipre you to do something brilliant. It...
    3 years ago
    What i really mean to say is this is humorous.
    3 years ago
    What the...
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