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  • portiaveruca
    Hello, I'm looking for a cover for my entry into the Divergent competition if you're not too busy.

    Title: Factionless for Freedom
    Genre: Divergent fanfiction
    Details: It's set in the time of the Choosing Ceremony so Tris doesn't know Four or Christina or anyone else from Dauntless

    It's super short (like a page and a bit) so you can read it if you want to get a better idea of what it's about.
    Thank you :)
    Cover Store *OPEN*
    Cover Store *OPEN*
    Hey guys so I love to make covers so I decided to create a Cover Store. I really do try my best. If you want anything changed just ask me. I hope you all like the covers I make. I don't put my name on...
    3 years ago
    It's all good, I hope you're okay now. And thank you for the amazing cover, it's perfect!
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