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Hiyoo! My name is Andrew, but everyone calls me Poptart because, well I really don't know. Imma boy Directioner and I'm not gay so, WOO! I also like 5SOS. Also I'm 17. I have three little sisters: Ashlynn, Lea, and Jenny who is Jenny Boo on here (:

My friend Tony is on here his name is Tonybear. He's the reason I'm all up on this website.

Ummm.. I have a girlfriend named Isabella \(^_^)/

My Facebook is: Poptart Stole Yo'Cookies. Yes exactly that. So if you wanna you can hmu and friend request me; I accept all requests like literally a pedophile could friend me and I'd accept it.

So, I think I will call you my Little Ninja's because I like ninjas and yea.

Well yeah, I LOVE YOU. I love everyone lol. Buh-bye! MWAH!

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