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    Update x
    Take Me Home: Live
    Take Me Home: Live
    It's every directioners dream to see the boys, right? Well I was luck enough to get tickets to their Take Me Home concert! Even I you weren't there, you can be now! Join me and my friends on our trip thanks...
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    UPDATE and can i be with a member of one direction thanks xxx
    IMAGINES: One Direction, The Hunger Games and Twilight
    IMAGINES: One Dire...
    Hello! So there are a lot of one direction imagines around here so I decided to do one. But I also wanted to do a Hunger Games and Twilight one. So go get commenting and I'll (try) to take your imagination...
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    Please update this is tense stuff
    Fake Girlfriend (Fanfiction) - Completed
    Fake Girlfriend...
    It was just some silly concert her best friend had convinced her into going to. Nothing special. But that night changed Katie's life forever. She makes a life changing deal with One Direction's manager...
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    LOL strange but so funny
    Harry Porter & the Vanishing Loo
    Harry Porter & the...
    A take on the Harry Potter series by JK Rowling with hilarious results! Book 1 in the Harry Porter series. Harry Porter was special. He wasn't like you or me - he was a loo commander or an LC for short....
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