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WARNING: Hyper girl ahead xD

'Ello! I see you've stumbled across my profile and want to get to know me? Well, my name is Polly (lmao it's probably obvious). Fifteen years of age, from India, obsessed with coffee, and really, really, REALLY hyper and energetic and sometimes annoying. ;u ;

But I'm friendly, I like to mak friends, eat chocolate, drink coffee, write stories and never finish them, a really big otaku here, and aspire to become a magazine editor.

So what else? Idk, I'm bad with intros, okay? xD Don't hesitate to hit me up if you want to be friends. x <3

  • Trapped Memories
    Trapped Memories
    by Pollyy
  • Pollyy

    New kid in town

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    Hello, Movellians! How are you guys doing? I just moved in yesterday and this place seems pretty cool. xD Nice to meet everyone in here. c:

    My name is Polly. A friend told me about Movellas and because I was bored and had nothing better to do, I decided to check this website out and signed up because why not. xD So I like writing (obv), and recently I've been interested in designing too. But I can literally see the future right now where I'm slacking off and not writing/designing instead soo eh. xD I'm not very serious.

    But I still hope to make some friends here. :D
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    Hi, Polly. I'm new here too. I just got my account yesterday! And yeah, this is place is pretty nice so far - easy to use.
    May Hayashi
    1 years ago
    Hey guys! Welcome to Movellas, glad you're enjoying the site so far. I'm May, I write a LOT of poetry so if you like poetry check me out - I've been on the site a long time, so if you have any questions, want to meet new people or want help with anything just give me a shout :)
    1 years ago
    Hi peeps! Welcome to Movellas!

    Hope you will have a fascinating time here, just like so many, including me, have. I'm Snow and I've been here for about nine months I love writing, singing, music and drawing of all kinds. :)

    If you ever want to ask anything about anything, lemme know and I'll get right back to you! <3

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