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I know I'm introducing myself in a different way on the same bio for the hundredth time, but there's a chance I might keep it this way.

A very very small chance.

“I quote others only to better express myself.”
― Michel de Montaigne, The Complete Essays

Short and simple. Hi, you can call me PI - PoetryInsane. And for all you math geeks, I have a badge --> (π) *behold the Pi badge*

Nice meeting you :) If you're random, quirky and weird, it's most likely we'd get along. ;)

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    Love em. :) E.H could't have put my thoughts out on this any better :D I should really get back on this site more often x
    Just My Poetry
    Just My Poetry
    I'm not sure what to call a collection of poetry, so I just called it this. They're awfully bad, but I hope you'll at least look at them :)
  • PoetryInsane
    Hey do you think you could do covers of poetry collections? :)
    Author: PoetryInsane
    Title: A Technicolor World
    Details: It's a collection of poems I wrote. You can check them out to grasp a feel of them for the cover - one is about identity and hiding behind a mask, one is about an artist, and the other is about being strong.
    A Technicolour WorldA collection of poems about identity, passion, strength and the true 'wonders' of adolescence.

    Thank youu :)
    The Movellas Cover Store // CLOSED
    The Movellas Cover...
    Need a cover? ***CLOSED SORRY***
     River_Summers ☕️
    They're done. =D
    3 years ago
    gosh I love them thank you so much :0D
     River_Summers ☕️
    You're welcome. 8)
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    Oh! #020 The dates are in B.C?
    Riddles of the Mind
    Riddles of the Min...
    NOTE: The Big Dango's name has changed so I apologise for the cover - KryptoKitty Loads of riddles to keep your mind active, be the first person to get the answer! Just write the riddle number and answer...
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    Thanks for bringing this up. Great job explaining this! Education is key. :) Well done on raising awareness.
    Child Labour in India
    Child Labour in...
    Child Labour is the most common problem in the world. In India, there are alone Four hundred Forty Lakh children who are forced to work under dangerous conditions at least eighteen to twenty hours a day....
    3 years ago
    Thank you. I really appreciate your words!
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