I know I'm introducing myself in a different way on the same bio for the hundredth time, but there's a chance I might keep it this way.

A very very small chance.

“I quote others only to better express myself.”
― Michel de Montaigne, The Complete Essays

Short and simple. Hi, I'm Fisher. You can call me PI - PoetryInsane. And for all you math geeks, I have a badge --> (π) *behold the Pi badge*

Nice meeting you :) If you're random, quirky and weird, it's most likely we'd get along. ;)

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    The Shower Selfie

    Haven't been here in a VERY long time, so if you guys have any suggestions on what I should start writing, please tell me.. :p New profile picture (yes, I know it isn't xmas anymore, I found it and I just decided to use it. And yes that is a shower in the background. Don't question it. :) And say hi :) quite lonely here... :/
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    Ah dopamine...
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    Advice on the Gothic genre?

    So currently I'm trying to finish writing a short Gothic story for school, but I'm hopelessly stuck. Gothic is a genre I find really interesting to read, but once I put pen on paper, my mind goes blank. I've decided on a plot and I've written the beginning, but I find it hard to get into the action. I don't think I've gotten the whole writing 'style.' Can someone please give me some advice? Thanks :)
    Hey xx My advice would be, don't overthink the style too much. Just concentrate on the story that you're telling and let it flow naturally- then the style will speak for itself.... Maybe if you're really getting stuck you could do some brainstorming to get the thoughts going, or if you wanted, perhaps it might help to take a completely different approach and write the bit of the story that interests you the most, if you know what I mean? sounds a bit backward but it does work sometimes! so if you feel more motivated to write the end, write the end and see where that takes you :) hehe hope this helps a tiny bit x
    Thank you so much! :) I'll see where the story goes... xx
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    Heheheheh :3

    I really hope you guys know who that (up there ^ ) is :)
    Hahahha :P He's like the only person I EVER fangirl over (I'm an Internet geek), and if you know me, I don't really fangirl a lot.
    Penelope Martinez
    Nyehehe.... always Charlie.
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    If You Asked Me To Read Your Story...

    Hey guys! If you have asked me to read your story and I haven't yet, I'm really sorry and I've probably just forgotten. If you have asked for a read, just comment down below and this time I won't forget (I promise!)
    Yes I am actually :)
    Aunt Midnight Rogue ☕️
    Awesome xD Could you please check out Blood Will Have Blood? Thank you :3
    Could you read either 'Numbed' 'Eyes of the night' or 'Regret'? On eyes of the night (one of my first movelas) and Numbed The writing starts out not too good but gets beter as it goes. I plan to re write the first chapters someday.
    I will do as soon as I can!
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