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So, you've come to read about how awesome I am hmm? Well, honestly, if you couldn't tell already, I'm pretty great. Some basic information about me is that I don't take bull from anyone, you can be the Queen of England, I won't take you bull. If you wanna whine about how popular you are, good for you, I don't care xD. Also, if you come crying to me about how suicidal you are, or how bad you wanna cut just know, I'll help you, but Imma be honest with you. I am brutally honest and what I say might leave your butt being hurt.
I have a puppy, his name is Toby, and another puppy, who is no longer a puppy, but will always be my puppy, is Baby. I love them both.
I really like to write, like it's my thing if you didn't know already. And, I'm pretty good at roleplaying, I do it descriptively and in third person, and my main OC is Ace. It's a girl, not a guy.
So, if you wanna mess with me, that's your thing. I'll be awesome no matter what, but hey! It'll be fun.

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