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Chloe Smith, 19 year old spoken word artist. Creative Writing Student at the University of Winchester. Notebook collector and green tea enthusiast. Twitter/Instagram/YouTube: poeticchances

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    mumbled "proofreaders wanted!"

    5 months agoReply
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    hey guys,
    was wondering if some people would be up for proofreading my assignment for my children's fiction module at uni? preferably readers from 14-16 years old!
    it's an LGBT YA piece, i just need to gauge if my writing style is right for my target audience :)
    5 months ago
    I can try ^-^ I'd be happy to
    5 months ago
    (I'm 15 btw)
  • poeticchances

    mumbled "well.... "

    9 months agoReply
    i'm kind of back. mainly for the poetry competition, because i've been putting poetry on here for well over four years.
    so, hi? i guess?
    Amanda Freer
    9 months ago
    hi, i'm Manni
    Molly Looby
    9 months ago
    I was going to tag you in the poetry competition xD Glad you've seen it :)
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    mumbled "tagged"

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    well @[Molly Looby] tagged me in something a week ago and i've only just seen it. let's do this.

    Favourite food?
    crisps. specifically salt and vinegar or prawn cocktail. although atm i'm into making nice healthy food so idk???

    Favourite colo(u)r?
    purple or green

    Favourite Music?
    rock/alt/anything that takes my fancy. at the moment i'm obsessed with twin atlantic and bastille's new song

    i'm (apparently) very organised at uni?

    In love?

    writing, reading, playing pokemon....

    lmao no

    5'3" and a bit (yes that one little bit is very important to me, a short person)

    Eye colour?

    Hair colour?
    at the moment it's my natural colour at the roots, a gingery blonde and then blonde/green at the ends... i'm in the process of growing it out

    Shirt colour?
    currently wearing a dress with daisies on it

    Jeans or shorts?

    Get married?
    i very much hope so

    Have kids?
    i want to

    especially at work

    Someone you love?
    my boyfriend, my best friend and all five of the dogs i consider mine

    Someone you hate?
    i'm trying to not hate people as much

    Dream job?
    obviously i want to be a full time writer, but my real world idea of a job is working in marketing/PR for a big company and then writing on the side

    Pepsi or Coca Cola?
    diet coke

    Currently reading?
    nothing because i'm waiting for my next delivery from amazon and my kindle has broken :(

    Biggest fear?
    heights, open spaces of water, being alone

    A quote you live by?
    i have absolutely no idea it's 9am i can't think of anything right now :P

    i'm not gonna try and tag people because i've become pretty irrelevant on here but feel free to do this if you want <3
    Molly Looby
    1 years ago
    The little bits are always important on your height when you're small like us xD
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    mumbled "i'm done with this planet"

    i can't stop looking at the news and twitter even though it's making me SO ANGRY. as a member of the LGBTQIA* community (albeit not completely openly) i felt the orlando attacks reverberate in my soul.
    this was a hate crime. regardless of whatever tenuous links they try to find between the shooter and any organisation, regardless of if an organisation tries to take advantage of chaos by claiming it, this was a hate crime. pulse was chosen as a target, on a night designed to attract members of the latin community, and these people were shot. it is terrorism and it was a hate crime.
    i don't know why people can't understand that.
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