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Hey guys! :) Since you're reading this I might as well tell you a little bit about myself

-I write poetry and random short story thingies.

-I'm homosexual and single

-Favorite movies: Dark Knight Rises, The Avengers and Alice in Wonderland.

-Fav t.v shows: The Following, Bones, The Walking Dead, Family Guy, American Dad and The Big Bang Theory, Adventure Time, Doctor Who

-Fav books: Anything by Poe, Les Miserables, The King Raven Trilogy

-Fav authors: Edgar Allen Poe, Franz Kafka, Stephen King

-Fav bands: Neon Trees, Panic! At the Disco, Muse, Green Day, Foster The People, 30 Seconds to Mars, All-Anerican Rejects

-Fav songs: Bohemian Rhapsody(the Glee version[yes I know that makes me lame]), Piano Man, Time to Dance, Houdini, Dark Side

-My biggest inspirations come from Edgar Allen Poe, Foster The People and my own insanities.

Thanks for reading ^x^

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