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Ello there! My name is Em. I like being called Em rather than my full name. I've always enjoyed imagining things and daydreaming and enjoy reading stories so I thought about writing some of my own. The story I am working on currently is "Our Darkest Dreams" it's about things from roleplays, other stories, drawings and thoughts. I refer to other stories sometimes for a joke or two. I don't steal things from them. The story is about Emmet, he began having nightmares. They became more frequent happening every night. After weeks of countless nightmares and his friends becoming worried about him, he wanted to find answers. He found a note and code and pieced a map together. He traveled quickly without his friends seeing where he went. A friend of his, Tink, went after him but was stopped when one of his best friends Bicker had been converted into a minion of some sort. He is currently worrying about his other friends. He is being worn down by the person after Emmet. But what does the person want from Emmet? Let us find out :3 Please note that was a short recap and what the story was about. I can note post the story all the time as I have a lot of things going on. My icon picture is what Emmet looks like. He has wings that he hides but sometimes lets them show for when he wants to use them or need them checked etc. He has normal phoenix wings. (if you google "phoenix wings" look at the first two images and imagine those in green shades.) If he is turning evil in any way his wings will be ender dragon wings. Please note that this is how I wanted Emmet to look. I did not base it off of any existing characters. I based it off of things about me. I always like to cover my left eye (as shown in the picture), I have green eyes but they are a fainter color. I wear t shirts a lot. I like the color green as it is my favorite so I use it a lot. I like things that can fly so I decided to give him wings sometimes. I like mythical animals so I decided the wings to be phoenix wings and dragon wings. Mostly phoenix. I guess I could tell you a little about Emmet. In case you want to use him in a story. Go ahead but mention me ^_^

Name: Emmet (last name hidden)
Age: 16 (if you are using him you can adjust this to 14-18 but you can use him at any age also.)
Gender: I'll let you guess that.
Personality: Kind, mostly cheerful, brave, virtuoso of music, well meaning and tries to lighten a bad mood. Also very loyal.
Likes: Sweet foods (part enders enjoy foods that are sweet), things that are green or purple, being in an open area, being around people he trusts, things that keep him calm (ie: music, the outdoors and people), hearing music, being around someone, light places, bright colors, animals.
Dislikes: Really loud noises (those can scare a part ender), being in a dark place (only if he is unsure of the place. He can run around his house in the dark if he wanted to), being betrayed, hearing about bad things, being around people he doesn't trust, being alone, being forced into a battle he doesn't want to fight in.
Favorite Color{s}: Green. (also likes purple, blue, gold, black and white.)
Abilities: Flight, control over most types of powers (being part ender helps with it but can prevent him from learning certain things such as a dark element as it will make his ender side take over and turn him evil or even kill him.), fast speed, able to read emotions better than others and sometimes even minds.
Outstanding Emotion: Fear
Injuries: Sword wound from chest to lower abdomen, multiple minor wounds on arms etc.
Species: Human. Also part ender, dragon and phoenix.

THERE REFERENCE. I CAN BREATHE AGAIN. Anyway, that's about Emmet so you have a bigger picture of what he is.

Hopefully this long as heck description gives you an idea of me and my main character Emmet. See you soon everyone ^_^

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    Hey guys, sorry that I have not posted recently. Getting caught up in exams right now. I might have time to finish the chapter tomorrow when I'm back from Comic Con. I have to study all next week which sucks. I was drawing stuff etc and well I give to you my latest drawing x'D

    This took over a day to do, Chloe (ComicLoverGirlNo1) asked for a commission of herself and welp this is how it came out. I am open for a commission or two but I rather be contacted on my google+ (HeyItsEm) I will be able to speak to you there about them as I am more active there rather than here when I am going to probably see it late. Anyway enjoy.
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    Sorry I haven't posted the next chapter yet. I am about halfway done or a third done, it depends if I want a third pov or go back to another. I have one pov done and I would post it but I rather not make an extra chapter to continue it or to edit in the rest and getting people lost. I'm trying my best to get it finished but essays are piling into my schedule unexpectedly and making everything get delayed. Sorry that the chapter is late, I will continue it when I get back on my computer. Now I need to go to school.

    Bye :3
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    Sorry guys, having writer's block. I think I'll plan ideas then finish up the chapter.
    Our Darkest Dreams
    Our Darkest Dreams
    Pretty much this story is something I always thought about. When I'm bored I'd think about a story like this so I thought why not make it? This includes some of my good friends so hopefully you enjoy it....
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