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Due to the intended descriptive nature of this auto biographic segment, I shall proceed to write complete redundant and, in some cases impossibly dis-required and unwarranted dictation ship. Being one with a personal delight for the mischievous, yet completely and purely neutral, use of insentient and perhaps soulfully misguided use of words, I will now proceed to insight words from the English dictation upon this page: Duck Telephone Key Propaganda Willful Administrator Fingernail Canister Seahorse.

  • PineAssassin

    mumbled "Hmmmm"

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    Well America will either have a civil war or a failed coup in the next few months. This will be interesting to watch.
    Luna Ookami
    2 years ago
    I know right America is going down hill watch it wont just be America that will have a civil war
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