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    I will as soon as I can...
    It was never planned but stay tuned ther is more!
    The Heir of Him
    The Heir of Him
    Thomas is a boy,the father of the dark lord,but what happpens when he befriends with his father's Enymy?Thomas embarks on a journey in the 5'th year of Harry Potter,Ronald Weasly and Hermione Granger's...
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    weird chapter...
    "What If?" a Harry Potter fanfiction
    "What If?" a Harry...
    What if Lily and James didn't die? What if Voldemort accidentally destroyed himself? What if Harry now had siblings, and a happy life? Read to find out what would happen if James and Lily were still alive!
  • The Snow owl
    please update
    Death Eaters
    Death Eaters
    A month has passed since Malia has been recruited to become a death eater, a month has passed since her best friend was murdered right in front of her. Lets just say a lot can happen in a month, now Malia...
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