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    Learning how to lie was a very difficult journey for me. My father was the dictatorial type who at least succeeded in training (terrorizing) me not to lie. As I discovered more and more liars, I became more aloof and depressed. Of course I learned later I must learn to lie for survival like everybody else does. And boy, I felt freedom when I learned. I felt great and proud of my new talent. But don't be afraid of me and disown me because of that. My explanation is included in the following text. Back to the two types of lies first...

    The Selfish Liar
    This is the evil liar who lies only to get something or anything for him/herself. This person doesn't care who gets hurt because of his lies. The more stupid he is, the more dangers he will create. A lie, like any crime, will most likely need to be covered by another lie or even crime like murder. A selfish lie is never ever a joke.

    The Benevolent Liar
    We could also call his lie the 'sacrifice lie'. This type of liar lies mostly for the sake of others. Notice that while 'self' is the keyword for the selfish liar, 'other' is the one here. While the selfish lie is so easy to make, the benevolent lie is not. Whatever sacrifice is easy? A benevolent lie delays or even prevents a situation from becoming unneededly worse.

    Most ultimate sacrifices involved lying and saying, 'I committed that (misdeed), not him/her.' While you're reading this, I'm sure you already have in mind either the selfish or benevolent lie you made, right?

    Now, I claim to be a benevolent liar so that you wouldn't disown me. I'm a selfish liar too but safely and rarely. It's up to you now whether to believe that or not.

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