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...Okay, so I don't really know what to say about myself, I guess just the fact that I'm a normal teen. I LOVE to read, write and draw, hang with my friends, just normal stuff really...I'm totally in to fantasy stories about angels, demons and vampires and I love rock music, that's about it :D ...I hope you like my stories :P Please leave me comments on what you think and how I can improve...thanks! :] <3

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    This is amazing! I love the opening, its very emotional and dramatic! You are such an incredible writer!Cant wait to read the rest! Keep it up! :D xx
    I promise to love you tomorrow
    I promise to love...
    Sally loves her husband Michael. At least, she tries. But nothing could ever make her forgive him. Michael loves Sally, and their daughter Amy. At least, he tries. But noting will ever make up for what...
  • >Photography_Chic<
    Thank you so much for reading, its the first thing ive posted and im really happy you guys liked it :P Thats the only part of figured out so far so ill have to see where it goes but Ill definately have a read back over it and tweek it :] Thanks again for the advice guys :D xx
    After Dark
    After Dark
    Jennifer Kaitlin Mayson is just your average teenage girl, hanging with friends, going to school, just being a kid...That is until her world is flipped upside down, filled with angels, demons and magic...
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