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Merry Christmas, merry Christmas, merry Christmas, kiss my ass, kiss her ass, kiss his ass, happy Hanukkah.

  • PhoenixAvaHarmonyKF
    This is amazing!
    Make Way for the Spiders
    Make Way for the...
    In Rayne's school in Arizona, she's the freak. The loner. The loser. So when her mom gets a job transfer, she couldn't be happier - this is her chance to make friends, climb the social ladder, and, well,...
  • PhoenixAvaHarmonyKF

    mumbled "Duuuuuuude"

    I totally forgot one of my own characters name whilst writing. I had to go back and read over what I had written to find what I named the kid. Feeling like an air-head (face palm, anyone?)
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