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Bonjour, you beautiful teenage dirt bags. ;)
I'm Phee (Phoenix), and I'm certifiably insane. I'm kidding, although it'd make a lot of sense if I was.
I love writing, reading and listening to music. I'm into a bunch of stuff, and to help give you closure, here's a short list:
. The Mortal Instruments
. Harry Potter
. Doctor Who
. The Hunger Games
. The Fault In Our Stars
. Fall Out Boy
. Adventure Time
. Sherlock Holmes
. Danisnotonfire

That'll do for now, methinks.
I'm half Scottish, and I have a hideous temper but I guess I'm good for a laugh.
I'm not sure how you'll like my stories, but I'm just going to haul myself in head-first and see what happens.


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