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Little Things <3
best song EVER! thx Ed for writing this song!

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    mumbled "Please check out 'The Chosen Ones'"

    Please check out my new story 'The Chosen Ones'. I have entered it in the Sci-fi comp. (I know for sure I won't win but yea). Please check it out and tell me what you think. PLEASE COMMENT, much appreciated! <3
  • phenominiall_vic
    i like this story, its hilarious :) even if im a directioner myself, not a crazy one though.. i dont stalk their every move like some do.. thats just creepy lolz anyways yea love this :)
    The Fight For The Movellas Throne
    The Fight For The...
    In the kingdom of Movellas, King Jordan Philips ruled over the people, and everyone was happy. Until, that is, the neighboring kingdom, the land of the Directioners, declared war. Townsfolk were forced...
  • phenominiall_vic
    are all the stories here all about One Direction??? just wondering... coz I tried searching for other bands but there are no stories about them...................
    5 years ago
    I agree!! I meen REALLY!!!!!!!!!!!! I like them and all but again REALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    5 years ago
    Lol Well Kinda Yes , Theres Mostly one Direction Because they Have an App , But they say they might make Justin Bieber apps i guess. and Well Maybe You Can Start to make some for other bands lol
  • phenominiall_vic
    Niall!! coz he's my fav and I would also die coz of his adorable Irish accent!! u cannot break his heart, its too delicate! hehe :) love the story btw
    More Than One Direction
    More Than One Dire...
    When Emily gets the job of her dreams, a back up dancer for One Direction, she is less than thrilled to discover her dancing partner is Louis, not the guy she's desperately in love with, Niall. But things...
    5 years ago
    Awhh I agree! KEEP VOTING PLEASE <3 *hint hint* haha thank you :)
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