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    Not sure fan fic will ever become a recognized "legitimate" genre due to legal issues. Depending on how much you change the characters, names, and locations, it could be considered a stepping stone to creating your own original work. Obviously if you use Harry Potter and Ron and they decide to break in to the Hunger Games trial and rescue the tributes that would be a problem.... Many writers do fan fic just for fun without any hopes or interest in publishing for profit. Others write fan fic as a writing exercise--taking characters and a world you know already and adding plot, then tweaking so it becomes their own. For example-- 50 Shades of Grey is supposed to be Twilight fanfic but I read all 3 books and not a whiff of vampires, werewolves or any Twilight-related information was to be seen (other than being set in Seattle, which factored almost not at all into the Twilight series). I would consider 50 Shades of Grey to be original fiction, and call this reply 50 Shades of Fanfic, b/c it all really depends on the changes you make! :)
    J. V. Grey
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    Amen, sister ;P
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