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Second Life, Second Chance

by , Sunday May 14, 2017
Second Life, Second Chance

Inviting you to read my story entitled: "Crimson Liberty" A story about power and surviving a new and deadly life after a phenomenal occurence resurrection.

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  • Phantasmagoric Xythe

    mumbled "Guilty"

    Again this week is focused about reviews for thursday-friday exam. But for some reason, we (our class) just wait until it's already exam before we review our notes...
  • Phantasmagoric Xythe

    mumbled "Ideas Overload"

    My brain wants to explode--with ideas. And I don't like how it mixes around my brain that I can't just focus in one story!!! But I have to face it, my brain is going everywhere that my way of thinking pulls me between fantasy and reality (I must've hit my head when I'm asleep). BOOM!
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