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Hi there, pg23 present!

Here's a quick few things about moi!

- I ADORE chocolate (totally irrelevant but I had to say it).
- My favourite subjects are History, Geography, Drama and English.
- Writing is my way of escaping and forgetting everything around me, where I lose myself in the story.
- When I'm older I'd like a job to do with writing, teaching, theatre, fashion, beauty, hair or modelling!

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    I will upload something VERY soon, hopefully. Like I said before, please be honest and give constructive criticism, just please don't stretch it so far so that it becomes an insult! Get ready for a great read (fingers crossed!)....

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    I know I haven't uploaded anything yet, but please, whoever's reading this, could you check my stuff out when I upload it (hopefully in the near future!)? Any comments, good or bad, will be appreciated, because I'd love to know what my strengths are and what I need to improve on. Don't worry, I can take constructive criticism! Also, I recommend you checking out Creative_Nadia's stuff, it's awesome! Great ideas developed into great stories!
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    I've always had a love for writing. English is my favourite subject and has always been my strong point. I love writing stories because I adore the idea of being able to create your own fictional world, where you can control everything that happens! I'm involved with Movellas because I love reading, writing and sharing stories. On a reading note, reading books is one of my favourite hobbies! I don't really go for a particular genre, I just get sucked into really compelling books! Authors I really like are Malorie Blackman, Sophie McKenzie, Michelle Magorian, Louis Sachar, Suzanne Collins... the list goes on! Anyways, enough blabbing from me, l8rs everyone! :-)
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