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  • Peter Quinn
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    The reason I am going to be very picky here is because I want your story to your flawless, and the devs ecstatic with your winning story. It's because I care, not because I want to cause trouble.

    Chapter 1 Mistakes:
    "Greetings." She spoke to the child infront of her. **In front, not infront**
    "But ma! She's the gal i looted in my sleep!" Sylvia hissed. **I, not i**

    Chapter 2 Mistakes:
    "Dear, we need to fatten you up, I'll make you some chicken and i'll bring you something better to drink besides water." **I'll, not i'll, but the second I'll is better left out anyway** **than is probably better than besides**
    She peered over at him and he just ushered for her to be quiet as a very tall woman, perhaps night elf decent rushed into the room with a broom and pan sweeping up all the shards and then as fast as she came she was gone. **perhaps a night elf descendant, not perhaps night elf decent**
    "So i'm assuming it's not just for looks and it actually does something." She smirked. **I'm, not i'm**
    "Well i have to go before they know I was here and by the way that girl Sylvia should be running down stairs screaming her fat head of hers off in about.." **I, not i** **downstairs, not down stairs**

    You also might want to add a lot more commas. But overall, I love it, it looks great! You're a natural, I cant wait for more!
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    The Crusade of Ros...
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    Peter Quinn
    6 years ago
    I misread on one of those, for the night elf one it's perhaps night elf descent, not perhaps a night elf descendant.
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