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I am someone who loves writing and would love to get a book published if possible.

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    Amazing Job :)
    Coming Out of the Closet
    Coming Out of the...
    I have a gay friend, who was very brave, and came out of the closet. This poem is to honor his bravery. Dan, I hope one day you can stand up to your alpha-male Dad.
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    Feedback Maybe?

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    I would love to get feedback of my 2 novels I have up right now. I know they are not detailed and not even close to being done but I would love to have some one to see if they are "good" yet. Thanks so much. :)
    Also if you do give me feedback and want me to Give you some I will :P
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    Great Job Dude :P keep this one up
    Dude: My Sexuality
    Dude: My Sexuality
    -entry for the diary competition- Luke, a teenage boy who's world is currently upside down, is faced with the challenge of accepting who he is. This challenge is made incredibly difficult for him when...
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