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Hello I am Raven, I am very young, I play Basket ball, I swim, and I ride horses. I have an account on wishbone named SisterOfWolf, an account on music.ly named Heroes_in_Tartarus, and on Wattpad named PercabethWolf. I mainly write stories based on books, mainly by Rick Riordan. I ship Percabeth, Thalico, Jasper, Frazel, Caleo, and Percemis is... Ok. I love wolves and horses and dragons. So bye!
I have decided to quit updating on this account, I will leave the stories here, but I will continue updating them on Wattpad.
My name is PercabethWolf in case you want to keep reading a story. Peace out!

  • Chain of War
    A carrot? OMG that's funny, especially with the boom
    Not suitable for young children. Just joking this movella is fine for everyone-should probably come under the humour category but it is quite horrific. Contains carrots.
    Ice Goat
    1 years ago
    Lol thanks I like your name!
  • Chain of War
    I am getting no people entering a video, I need some, I can't come up with all of them!
    Stories of Funny animals
    Stories of Funny...
    This is about videos. I will: post the link, make a summary of it, rate it, post who made it, rate it in red, yellow, or green, and their will be a contest going on for the rest of winter until spring,...
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