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Hi! I just love to write thogh my friends tell me I am hopeless with sticking to one idea! I love Cathy Cassidy and Jaqueline Wilson. My role model is Ariana Grande and I love blueberry muffins! Please comment and like my stories.... <3

  • PenPrincess
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    I like 'Take all the cereal you have and put it in the wrong boxes' and 'flip the light switch' and 'pluck the hair and scream DNA' and 'wearing clothes is against your religion' and 'cut the lawn with scissors' and 'good morning sunshine' and 'yell I'm drowning in the bath'...yh these are SO GOOD! Come up with more (!) (I need these so badly) theres only 40? That's so unfair...:)
    Ways to annoy your parents
    Ways to annoy your...
    Ways to annoy your parents!!
    5 years ago
    Hahah sorry love, I'll update soon just for you XD
  • PenPrincess
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    You have made my life so much easier!! Thank you...I love this book it is so funny you should b a comedian!! I just imagined myself doing these things and couldn't stop laughing :) If you don't mind could you check out my book 'The Abduction - part 1'? thank you xox
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    How to Kill One...
    Sorry to One Direction fans, but it won't just be killing them. It might be getting rid of Justin Bieber, banning the colour pink, etc, etc. So Directoners, don't start saying things like, "No! You can't...
  • PenPrincess
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    Niice stoory! You obviously know who I am! Could you check out my new story 'The Abduction - Book 1'? Thanks! xox
    She loves him, I love him, i don't know who he loves?
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