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    update again soon-ish please, this chapter was really good.
    Ever live your life in a constant circle? Going back and forth between places doing the same thing every single day? Just waiting for that something to change your life, and make you live your purpose? Well...
  • loserwithnolife

    Alright I posted this on another site my story is on cos I have more followers and people who read my story on that but I figure may as well post it here too.

    So, I have a lot of plans for my fan fiction Go Away. If you want a glimpse, look at the cover phot otherwise my lips are sealed. I didn't expect my story to catch up to the others as quick as it did. Then again, this one is by far my favorite to write and the one I personally feel is the best. I barely remember the plot lines to the others and they were starter ones. They will most likely not be updated unless an update is requested. I will try my best to update Go Away. I'm actually pretty excited to write more of it. With everything I have planned, I don't know if it will all fit in one book. I will try, mainly because while a sequel would allow for more detail, it also means more time until the ending.


    Now, because Hope likes bands, and One Direction has gone on tour..... She may or may not date a certain person (on the new cover)
    One Direction will return to the story and there will be chapters with Ciara's point of view to show what she's been up to. In fact I may alternate chapters with Hope's point of view and Ciara's. I haven't decided yet. There are a LOT of new characters being introduced (all on the cover).
    Speaking of the cover. If you did not notice the girl in the center is Hope and the girl directly under her is Ciara. The people branching off of them are various characters that are to be seen often.
    While this is technically a One Direction fanfiction the other members (Louis, Zayn, and Liam), I regret to say, will not play big roles. They will certainly be in the story but they do not affect the plot line in very many ways. Harry and Niall will be the only members that will affect the plot.
    Finally if you do not know who Pierce The Veil are I suggest you study up.

    Now, I wrote this two weeks ago, but it still holds future information that I've only began to write about in the story. My plan for the next chapter is gonna be long, but I'll be writing it on a laptop instead of my phone like I usually do. Which means it will require wifi instead of data and all I have currently is data so I can't update until I get back home, but then I have people who want to see me, for some strange reason, so it may not be up as soon as I get back but it will be up this week..... I hope.
  • loserwithnolife
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    Hi. So um, you're story is great so far and really well written. Could you try to update again soon? That'd be amazing.
    I wish that I could wake up with amnesia and forget about the stupid little things. Like the way it felt to fall asleep next to you and the memories I never can escape.
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