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Metal, does not worship Satan.

They've destroyed the sanctity of legendary Pokémon, by creating too many.

Books are always better than the movie.

Gay marriage doesn't directly affect you, it might get on your nerves. But when you take the right to marry, away from someone simply because of their gender preference, that gets on my nerves. We're all human.

What gives someone the right to become 'popular' at school? Again, we're all human. What makes you better than everyone else? Once you leave school, popularity isn't going to earn you any favours when you're looking for a job.

I've decided to record my dreams.
Some are obviously more interesting than others.
I've tried my hardest to record them with as much detail as possible, for the sake of the reader.
You'll find that the character/setting description will be the first chapter, and the dream will be found on the second chapter.

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