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Hello Peachtree here

No idea how to write about me!!!! Well I'm a person and I'm British. I'm in love with books (Alex rider, power of five, hunger games, harry potter, Sherlock, Percy Jackson, book thief, spider wick Chronicles, cherub, blah blah blah) I also play badminton and I luv writing.

Forgot to say I'm a MASSIVE fan of the BBC Sherlock (#sherlocklives)and doctor who ahhhh luv them sooo much!!!!! And don't get me started on hunger games, just AHHHHH

I'm planning to update every weekend but as I'm incredibly busy, I'll have to wait and see. Updates once or twice a weekend reason: (2 words) boarding school

Plus I'm now on instragram: http://instagram.com/iamsherlocked007
Also I'm doing a wattpad blog on tumblr: http://www.tumblr.com/blog/extremewattpadder
Wow, I ummmm.... yer...
Feel free to ask me to read your work :)

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    mumbled "Understand me "

    Definition of two-faced: Someone who is insincere or who acts one way in certain situations and then in a contrary manner in others.

    Amy is your average teenager, good at sport, despises homework especially given it on weekends and has a thing for boys. Like every other teenager curiosity consumes her.
    But curiosity kills the cat.
    And when Amy starts talking to her best friend's cousin and is given the chance to talk to someone knew, will she trust a stranger? And can he or she really understand her.

    Remember, it just takes one word. Two letters. Hi.
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