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I am 14 years old, I am from Ireland and I have a strong passion for story making hope you enjoy my first story, Maximum Ride: Griffin

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    For those who read this fanfic I will not be posting anymore chapters to this app, in instead I am rewriting this fanfic and uploading it to, same name for both author and story thanks for reading :)
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    Ok, those of you who read my FanFiction may have noticed that I haven't posted any additional chapters in a while, I'm just taking a small break, but don't worry I'll have my next few chapters up in the next week or so
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    And sorry about having my 5th 6th and 7th chapters in where my like 3rd chapter should be my movella screwed up a little and I cant fix it so just go with it
    Maximum Ride:Griffin
    Maximum Ride:Griff...
    My name is Griffin I was raised in a crate, I have no family and I have wings! I have been experimented on all my life to be perfect, I am part raven, part lion, part human, along with a couple of the...
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