"You say you're not special because the world doesn't know about you, but that's an insult to me. I know about you." -The Fault In Our Stars, John Green

“Becoming fearless isn't the point. That's impossible. It's learning how to control your fear, and how to be free from it.” -Divergent, Veronica Roth

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☆ I am Muslim (& hijabi) and proud
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☆ John Green is by far my favourite author of all time, his book 'The Fault In Our Stars' is truly a beautiful story!
★ Divergent (FourTris)
☆ Android user! iPhones are over-rated
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Movellas (3)

  • ParadoxX.

    Which cover do you prefer?

    I created some new covers for my Movella 'The Girl With Leukaemia' and I wanted to know which cover you prefer. They are numbered so take your pick :) (If you can't pick I'll probably just choose one and change it up during the course of the story)
    Number 4! :) Though they all are amazing!!
    KayCee K
    Your welcome!
    2 and 4 but I also like 1
    Four I think, but they're all great :)
  • ParadoxX.


    Three words. Oh. My. Gaga. :P This book is far too good to put away! Right, a few things I want to put straight, was Four a part of Abnegation before he transferred to Dauntless? In other words is he Tobias? I'm currently on Chapter 12 so don't give away too much details. Peter and his stupid crew are complete a pricks (had to mention it). If you're reading or have read Divergent, how is/was it for you? :)
    Not very XD I'm nosy, too.
    It's hard to put it down even for a second! @[writerrandom] I haven't started the second one yet but I've got both Insurgent and Alleigant on eBook so I'm going to read them pretty soon :)
    ooh, start it!!! SO GOOD i just love Tris and Four together.
    I'm being nosey again, but who's you favorite character?
  • ParadoxX.

    FLAPPY BIRD!!!!!!!!!

    OKAY! Who hates this game? That stupid little bird with lips too big for its face, he flies perfectly fine in the beginning and then you tap it and it can't fly anymore. WHAT THE HELL! :/ Flappy bird has now ruled my minutes but I managed to get a small score of 29 and my brother is trying to beat me. (Hurrah)
    Georgia Shadownight
    I died before I even got one... I hate that damn bird. Still, I'll keep trying. (Oh god, I'm gonna be addicted by the end of today.)
    Georgia Shadownight
    Pewds is just amazing :)
    Lool.. It tends to have that effect, I got my brother playing yesterday and he didn't stop unit late at night. He is isn't, Pewds knows how to make you smile :)
    I know, right!! It's so annoying!!!! XD
  • ParadoxX.

    Username Change

    I have changed my username twice in the last year and now I've changed it again. I don't know... I can't seem to stay with a username because it just doesn't feel right. Well, right now my name is 'ParadoxX.'
    It's lovely. :)
    Bathroom Singer
    But I think ATarnishedSoul was really good tooo :) But oh well ^_^
    @[Let'sGoBanana] Lool :D I think it suits your quirky dream! I know, it was a good username while it lasted :) @[Parxdisexo] Thank you! :)
    Bathroom Singer
    Yep !! Thanks :) My friends laughed at me and called me an idiot when I did that >.<
  • ParadoxX.

    The Beginning by Meg1

    Hey @[Meg1] You asked for a cover quite some time ago and here it is. It's not letting me upload the image to the Movella so I'm putting it on the mumble. Any concerns please don't hesitate to tell.
    It's looks awesome! Sorry I was a little bit late, I had saw it before but my computer is messing up a lot now!-_- I LOVE IT though! :D The only thing is it that when I asked you for a cover I wasn't really planning on getting a co-owner..And like now I do..So could you add her to it somehow?
    It's okay, don't worry about it. Sure, I can add her name but what's her name?

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