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Hey there, guys. I'm just a normal girl from Denmark.
I will be writing my first English fan fictions here, and I hope you'll understand that it's not always that easily to please everybody.
Leave a comment, I prefer everybody to be honest (':
(And if you have a suggestion, then please, please, please, give it to me, because sometimes I run dry for ideas)

I ship a lot, tbh. CarlislexEdward, EdwardxJacob, AlicexBella (Twilight)
JacexSebastian, ClaryxIsabelle, MagnusxAlec (Mortal Instruments)
PeetaxGale, KatnissxPeeta, FinnickxPeeta (The Hunger Games) PewdieCry (Pewdiepie)
And of course Taga (Which is Lady Gaga and Tara together, u'know?)

Curious about anything? Ask away! c:

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