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I love anime, harry potter, and romantic stories with a good ending. I also like 1D, 5sos, and the Janoskians (I don't know how you spell it)

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    Please update soon you are really good
    Welcome to the Village Hidden in the Leaf
    Welcome to the Vil...
    Escaping the real world and into an anime world - sounds like paradise - but what if it actually happened?!
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    Please update soon
    The Ice Shadow-Unforgivable Events
    The Ice Shadow-Unf...
    Akemi is now a Chunin for her village. After the eventful Chunin Exams, she thought things could not get worse. But Akuma has been acting strangely towards her. What is he up to? What makes things worse,...
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    This is really great keep writing please
    The Tale of Rukla Yakushi (A Naruto Fanfic)
    The Tale of Rukla...
    Screaming... That's the first word that comes to mind when I think of that night. I screamed, they screamed, and the murderers laughed as if this was some kind of game. I remembered the warm...
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