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"No matter how much you love someone, you will always step back when the pool of their blood gets too close"

  • Paige Turner
    amazing. When you read something and wonder how somebody could think of something that seems such a simple premise but actually really caught me off guard with how well it was written.
    Ebony and Ivory
    Ebony and Ivory
  • Paige Turner

    mumbled "Ode to wee Mohan"

    Last week we found out my sisters kitten (my kittens brother) had antifreeze poisoning. He couldn't walk straight and was vomiting (we thought he just had a massive hangover.)
    We took him to the vets and they told us what was up with him and we decided to treat him. It was really difficult being in that kind of limbo area where you don't really know what's going to happen. I also realise now how frustrating it is when people try to be comforting by saying the most superficial things and you have to pretend like you haven't already thought things a million times in your head.
    We found out on Sunday morning that Mohan died in his sleep.
    Since then there has been a Mohan shaped hole in the atmosphere of the house. I notice Connie (my kitten) hasn't quite worked things out and she still looks for him under the couch and through the garden gate. I like to think that she thinks Mohan has gone on a really big adventure and he is doing awesome things like joining the mafia or pimping out loads of sexy persian cats.
    In all honesty I've never lost a loved one while I'm old enough to remember it. I did have a lizard once but he lived twice as long as he was supposed to to the point where I'd wake up in the morning and be like "you are STILL here?!" so although it was sad when he died, you kind of knew it was coming.

    Anyways Mohan really hated people and he would never really tolerate you babying him (not for lack of trying/forcing) and he wasn't a very good hunter. But he was our wee Mohan and he was super awesome. We love him very much and Connie most likely does too (though she won't deny enjoying having the food bowl all to herself)
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    is anyone else sick of...

    ...people commenting just to say 'check out my work ewtgfdgf' and the like? I mean it hasn't happened to me on this account yet but it used to on my old one and I've seen it on other peoples work and it really irks me.

    Also, who else is sick of seeing one direction fanfics with thousands of notes when I've seen a couple of fantastic poems just TODAY with none? Its a sad state of affairs imo.
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    People can write whatever they want on this site. That's what it's for. If it's One Direction Fan Fiction or poetry. You have absolutely no right to tell people that they should stop writing Fan Fiction! >:(
    5 years ago
    MarshaMC no-one said they couldn't post fan fiction. I post fanfiction frequently on another site. But there is too much. They should just rename this site 'one direction fanfiction' instead of movellas.
    5 years ago
    Uhm maybe it would be better if 1D fanfictions have certain site that no one will absolute bet annoyed since everyone there liked it. Its just that their group is just so much that the good works of the non fanfiction ones had been defeated. The main purpose for the site probably defeat.
  • Paige Turner
    very nice, one thing I would like to point out just to make it that little bit better is "Even when you think suicidal" reads kind of clumsy (maybe its just me)
    Do you think it would sound better to phrase it "think suicidal thoughts"?
    I'm not meaning to sound pretentious or anything, like I said it might just be me.
    Anyways, I really enjoyed reading this. Did you have religion in mind when you wrote it? That's what first came to mind for me
    Shining Bright Saving Lives
    Shining Bright Sav...
    This is for the poetry competition please like, favorite and comment :)
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