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  • P.P. Clarissa
    Nice. Can't what to see what happens when they meet. Keep it up.
    Hopes & Dreams
    Hopes & Dreams
    Mellisa Cabot is 11 year old and dreams of meeting One Direction. When they finally come to her hometown there is a radio contest, you have to enter you singing your fave 1D song, will her hopes amd dreams...
  • P.P. Clarissa
    Guys something just happened a few minutes ago as I was writting the above story. I was in the process of editing it when I heard intermittent taps on my door. It's 1am. And I live alone with my mom who was in. Sleeping in the next room. No way we were expecting anyone around this time. We called the police and they just left not long ago. Said they saw a couple of people around the apartment and that they will keep an eye. If there are any mistakes, I will edit it in the morning. I'm a little bit shaken up now.
    Your Heart is a Mess
    Your Heart is a...
    Some say love is blind, but not in my case. I could see clear enough. The more I saw, the more It hurt.
    5 years ago
    Woah scary. Don't b too freaked otherwise u won't get that much sleep and hang in there.
    P.P. Clarissa
    5 years ago
    You are so right. I've barely closed my eyes. I just went back to the kitchen and dropped the knife I was holding. Just so I won't hurt myself if I eventually fall asleep. I still got the mop by my side. It could come in handy.
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