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Hey, I'm Lexi. My passion is poetry but I've recently found I enjoy short fiction, too. I'm a christian girl. Whoot whoot! Go Jesus! Go Jesus! *dances in circles* And *IF YOUR MOM WAS A HARDWORKING WOMAN AND WAS or STILL IS YOUR HERO AND HELPED YOU NO MATTER HOW BAD YOU WERE OR WHAT KIND OF TROUBLE YOU WERE IN ♥ OR WAS JUST THE BEST MOTHER EVER, PUT THIS ON YOUR PROFILE. ==>The girl you just called fat...she's overdosing on diet pills. ==>The girl you just called ugly...she spends hours putting on makeup, hoping people will like her. ==>The boy you just tripped...he is abused enough at home. ==>See that man with the ugly scars...he fought for his country. ==>That guy you just made fun of for crying...his mother is dying. ==>The boy that wears pants in one hundred degree weather...he only has one leg. ==>The boy that bites his nails all the time...he's dying of cancer and he's counting down the days. **Post this if you're against bullying

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    It's a bit odd to be here. I mostly write from Figment and Hexbound, but I'm originally an Inkie. A friend recommended Movella to me and so far it seems pretty cool. I'm not entirely sure how this works but if anyone writes romantic anything, I'd love to read it. And I'm Lexi, by the way.
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