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-writes fanfiction (aphmau)
-loves to write, but isn't always active on this site because the stories being published are being written on a seperate site
-collabs welcome (requests to collab permitted if writing styles are compatible with one another and if there are similar topics liked between both)
-travlyn is otp, although I am multiple trash (true tumblr users will get this)
-katelyn firefist is my queen and I will fight you on this
-true emo to the soul (more like Heavydirtysoul, heh, TOP fans say heyyyy)
-LGBTQIA+ member and supporter
-accepts all religions if you don't disrespect others IN THE NAME OF your religion
-I want human's rights for all
-my motto is "respect me and we're all cool. dare to fight me and you'll see hell chasing after you."
-don't mess with me/my loved ones/anybody who doesn't deserve it
-has many disorders (ADHD, OCD, General Anxiety Disorder, Depression, Bipolar Disorder, Borderline Personality Disorder, Borderline Anorexic, etc.)
-make a suicide, depression, homophobic, racist, sexist, or otherwise offensive joke and I'm going to call you out if I see it
-still in school and is trying so hard to top the classes
-my constant mood: "fight me, wait no I'm too tired, wait yeah fight me" and it repeats constantly
-what is happiness
-how do you disable your feelings
-decent artist, pretty good at school, currently learning other languages, expert on making bad decisions

  • OTPisLife

    mumbled "feedback/constructive criticism!"

    4 days agoReply
    hey guys, i wouldn't mind getting constructive criticism from anybody, as long as it's helpful! just in case anybody reading my stories sees places i could improve and wants to help, i'm down for that!
    3 days ago
    Give me a book, and i'm happy to help!
    Book Maker
    3 days ago
    I’m willing to help too! Give me the book!
    3 days ago
    thanks guys, really any of my stories i'd like criticism on, but mainly any story i'm writing at the moment (Death is a Bunch of Flowers atm)
    and thanks a lot!
  • OTPisLife

    mumbled "whoops"

    5 days agoReply
    sorry for the short and poorly made chapter, i just wanted to get something out to connect the ideas im having in my head... ill do better, i promise, but this week we have testing at my school, so im a bit stressed at the moment :/ so hang tight!
  • OTPisLife

    mumbled "now here's a problem i got:"

    1 months agoReply
    now it ain't very serious, but what should my next fanfiction be about?
    -katelyn~chan (katelyn and kawaii~chan)
    -travlyn (travis and katelyn)
    -lucikay (lucinda and katelyn)
    -katemau (katelyn and aphmau)
    -katecole (katelyn and nicole)
    -a poly ship from listen characters above
    if you don't know who these people are, look up "aphmau" on youtube and watch one of her roleplay series to find out what i mean, i suggest watching mystreet :)
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