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Hi, I'm Orli :) Nice to meet you!
You might know me from my blog, Blame My Bookshelf...? If not, this is awkward.
But if so, you also might know about the writing stuff I did when I was 11-13? With exams and stuff, it stopped, and so I'm hoping Movellas (which I also did under another account at the time) will encourage me to get back into it and develop my writing a little more :)
So that's enough about me! How are you doing today? x

  • orlileah

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    I only just joined Movellas after a long break from writing and I don't really know what I'm doing! :( Love the new layout though!
    Fluffy Flufferson
    Well you're gonna know after like an hour of this. I swear I'm addicted to movellas. Also welcomesauce. You deserve it.
    4 years ago
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    Thank you! People are already so nice here :)
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