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Manori Kamutsu

by , Tuesday October 18, 2016
Manori Kamutsu

Name: Manori Kamutsu

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  • Orionaffect

    mumbled "Useless~Cam"

    4 hours agoReply
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    Feel useless Fuseless like a nuissance To those who know you
    Feel like a demon under an angel's skin Break myself to borrow a few looks tape myself back together look perfect from afar cracked and jaded on every seem in person
    holes, cuts and burns pecuilar but familiar all the same You've seen this before you've felt this before but this time is different I think This time you are dancing on the edge even though you feel as though you have already fallen and burst into nothing but a mask and a bunch of memories
    You'll smile to fill the holes in people's hearts You'll speak not for yourself but for the fearful You'll die not for greed but to feed another
    Broken and split as I am I will be your shield Weak as I am I will fight Sore as I am I will stand for you when you cannot Depressed as I am I will take the abuse
    Take shelter underneath my hollowed husk so that for once I can be
  • Orionaffect

    mumbled "Disappear~Cam"

    5 hours agoReply
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    Remind me
    That i'm real
    Remind me
    Happiness exists
    To crush me
    Under that feeling

    Addict me
    To the feeling
    Addict me
    To you
    Take it from me
    And watch me collapse

    Treat me
    To pleasure
    Treat me
    To what could be
    Punish me
    To destroy what I could taste

    Watch me
    Watch me
    Watch me
    Watch me
    Laugh at
    My Husk

    2 hours ago
    its beautiful
  • Orionaffect

    mumbled "I just wrote what came to mind"

    Thoughts are controlling they break me they make me they punish me with the curse of intelligence
    false gods and ideas unimaginable
    I think things through in 700 ways
    But in the end its just the same
    I still sufficate under the pressure
    I still scar from past expirence
    I still write what I think
    The filter that binds me saves me from what could be
    It hurts to filter but it alters my future
    Thoughts are not actions thank god
    I would be burning and so would you from the sins we would have commited
    make me dumb so i can be numb and not feel this agony
    write what i believe and eradicate the rest
    Nullify my hunger and quench my thirst so i can still live in torment
    The cycle goes on and I still live for those who care about me I may be beaten and broken but not all has been spoken about all of which destroy me I can deploy my decisions and tear up concious and write what i feel on paper
    I can fake my emotions my life my expiriance and live as a whole new being my hardships all faked to the point of their reality lied so well even i believe them
    Trust me not as I am but what your eyes see me to be When I do the same i see a demon with nothing but sins while wearing a mask of kindness
    1 days ago
    Yeah, I know I checked one of your poetry books. You're definitely going somewhere.
    1 days ago
    I'm flattered XD
    1 days ago
    Lol i'm glad? I'm just telling the truth. xD
  • Orionaffect

    mumbled "Thoughts~Cam(not a poem"

    You can always hide behind a mask of lies
    but if your hurt you can't deny who you are or originally were
    You can only burn at the stake for what you've done and who you've hurt
    You can only hurt to become perfect
    you can only strive to be perfect even though you are too blind to reconize that you already are
    You can only move on and rot away with your lies and deception
    it becomes harder and harder to hide when people get to know you and as they start to know the more you scare them and you will be left alone at the end of the story like everyone else
    And for now all you can do is want something you can't have because you can never stop wanting no matter how You try to lie about it and say you're happy you can never truly be satisfyed you can only crave for more untill you are nothing but a slave of greed and time will be the thing you seek eventuallly but in the end it the thing you long for will only kill you
    1 days ago
    *You're XD
  • Orionaffect

    mumbled "Bury~Cam"

    Bury me in my own skin
    with my own face
    with all my desires
    Bury me without disease
    without hatred
    without tears
    Bury me without feeling
    without seeing
    who I really was
    Sarah Bq
    1 days ago
    Amazing!!! :O
    1 days ago
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