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Poetry from the soul, with help If asked ,and honest advice if wanted

Rika Namoia

by , Tuesday January 24, 2017
Rika Namoia

A high schooler sucked into the deadly vastness of sword art online

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  • Orionaffect

    mumbled "New photoshop art Disclaimer: I use the cross because it is a well known symbol of religion and this art is not made to offend or attack any specific religin"

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    Advantage~Cam story art
  • Orionaffect

    mumbled "overused art and poetry"

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    Sand falls
    From my eyes
    For all my tears have been shed
    Unravel the stitches
    To bleed the rust inside
    For all my blood has run
    A piece breaks away
    From my face now worn-out and faded
    For I have been rebuilt too much
    My body
    For I can no longer stand
    3 months ago
    Everyone can stand.
  • Orionaffect

    mumbled "Advantage~Cam (Story poem)"

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    Bleed dry
    The Blackened blood
    You forged within me
    With your constant

    You take the high ground with your
    Yet you stab me with what is so called

    No more shall I take such torment
    No longer shall I be chained by my love
    Nevermore will I be a slave to your
    Sadistic fantasies

    Although you hurt me so
    I love you all the same
    But its time to let you go
    And time to save my life
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