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i write to express what i feel in words i know. I am un-experienced so correct me wherever you see any mistake and i will try my best to help you good folks out as well given you ask me for it or i feel that it is needed. Age has nothing to do with it, if you have talent, you are welcome, if not..keep on trying hard and in no time you will be better than the previous day. :D

Lol!! too much seriousness well i play i write i sing i dance i swim i try to fly i see i touch...another ordinary writer with a touch of life.

be sure to review my work :D i'll appreciate it!


  • ordinarywriter

    mumbled "info on poems"

    how do i upload a poem ?? need help
    5 years ago
    haha!! thanks aledy done!! poem name is that girl :D
    5 years ago
    Yeah, I read it. I don't write poems in that style but the poem is good. It has real emotion and feeling. Sometime the only reason I write poems is to get out my feelings
    5 years ago
    yea!! same here!! i haven't really been writing much lately though i have a lot of my work uploaded at writerscafe!!
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