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  • OrangeWerewolf
    This is really good! And you know who I am ...
    If I Live Before Dawn...
    If I Live Before...
    Lily starts a new life in a new school, and becomes best-friends with the school's vampire. When she finds out his big secret, will she get bitten? A/N: I'd just like to say, tell your friends about...
  • OrangeWerewolf
    Thanks far reading my fic! I was reading the second chapter of this an dit should say "here keep the change,"he said while giving me twenty dollars,"have a nice day." butyou have forgotten the speech marks in the middle. other than that it is really good! :)
    Love in a different way
    Love in a differen...
    Gabriella helps her parents in there restaurant. She doesn't go to school or do things like normal girls. Her parents are poor, but she's happy. One day wen the restaurant is very busy one special boy...
    6 years ago
    Thank you for telling me :) I will fix that soon. Thanks for reading mine :)
  • OrangeWerewolf
    its great! faved +liked. please read my movella " I would never have guessed...," :)
    Cries Of The Unfaithful (2012 Best Cover Nomination)
    Cries Of The Unfai...
    I will not attempt to hide in the depths of my insanity. Nor will I deny them. Who are they to say that time will heal all wounds . . . without a price in return? CAUTION: SOME CHAPTERS(11,17) MAY...
  • OrangeWerewolf
    Its good m:) (liked)
    Fixed to be Broken
    Fixed to be Broken
    A simple poem telling the tragic tale of a girl, whose heart has been broken one too many times... (My entry for that poetry contest. Poetry isn't my strong point so I am open to all advise and constrictive...
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