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Hello. My name is Ash, yeah I know "Omg, that's totally like a boys name." I don't care, because I'm a savior and I'm not going to give up B.I.T.C.H. AnyHoran I am here to share my story's that have now built up in my head for the past few days. unfortunately they are One Direction Short Stories or Fanfiction...so yeah..............

xoxox Ash

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    This is extraordinary. Mind reading my book.
    My Marshall Lee(Harry Styles Fan Fic)(INCLUDES SEQUAL)
    My Marshall Lee(Ha...
    Hi my name is Natalie Annie Wolff call me Nat. I have an older brother named Nathan they call him Nat too.i have curly brown hair thats long and Golden brown eyes. Niall Horan is my bully but I have my...
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    Omg, black van. It's probably One Direction. You know what I'm saying. I love your fan fiction. Would you mind checking out mine. And comment/Vote thank you. Love the fan fiction/
    Kidnapped {A One Direction Fan Fiction}
    Kidnapped {A One...
    When I was little, I always dreamt of being kidnapped by the boy I'd later fall in love with. That may sound creepy and odd, but to me, I thought it was so romantic. This wasn't what I mean't, though. I...
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    So short, but so inspiring. I would actually love to have wings myself too. Could you tcheck out my book and comment/Like
    Leaving The Past Behind
    Leaving The Past...
    Jasmine Roll has nothing left. Nothing worth fighting for. Or does she? Zayn Malik just has to be the saviour when she tries to commit suicide. And now she is falling... With the past haunting her she,...
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    I started laughing, I just don't know
    Imaginary Friend {Niall Horan Fan Fiction}
    Imaginary Friend...
    First kiss, First touch, First seen, First loved is what Niall ever wanted out of Maria Summers. But unfortunately she'll have to wait a lifetime to develop into a human. The blokes on the other hand think...
  • Oopa_HarryStyles
    Wow, Alice is a Payne in the ass. See what I did there. I love your story. Please Update.
    I Bullied Who
    I Bullied Who
    Alice, is the 'Bad Ass' around here. She sell's illegal items, sniffles cocaine, has an obsession over smoking, carries a gun in her back pocket and has simply been to jail, and hear me out, she's only...
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