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  • OneForMeStyles
    Sure.. But this story was just kind of like to test how movellas worked.. I'll be working on a new story and i'll publish it soon..
    Those Green Eyes
    Those Green Eyes
    eighteen year old Leona is ready to fly to london. her mum had bought her the tickets for christmas and she's already signed up for permanent residency. she hopes on finding a new job and just to enjoy...
  • OneForMeStyles
    hey i love your story.. could you read my story? i would really appreciate it.. <3
    Only You {Book 1 completed}
    Only You {Book 1...
    Ally Hylton has had a difficult life. When she was much younger, her mother died of cancer. Now, she has moved to a new city and new college, only recognizing the familiar face of her cousin, Harry. Also,...
    J.K. Panesar
    6 years ago
    sure tell me whats its called on my blog
    6 years ago
    thanks :)) it's Those Green Eyes.. but it's not quite finished yet.. i just started, but thanks again.. :)
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