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  • Onedirectionundermybed
    Is this book ending soon? Love you lots j.k. amazing as always xx
    Fight For You {Book 2 completed}
    Fight For You {Boo...
    *Sequel to Only You* It is said that time heals all wounds, but Ally’s cuts just keep getting deeper and deeper. She thinks the horror is over when Damen is locked away, but little does she know. What...
    J.K. Panesar
    4 years ago
    Soon, but I dont know how many more chapters I will be able to write before that. :)
  • Onedirectionundermybed
    If. my. bf. ever. did. the. patience. is. a. virtue. thing. to. me. I'd. kick. him. in. a. place. where. the. Sun. Does. Not. Shine
    Slave Auction
    Slave Auction
    ***Announcement: It would mean so much if you supported me and bought this book on called The Last Girl by Riley Shasteen! Thanks<3*** Summary: Jenna Brown is entering her freshman year in...
    4 years ago
    You would really do that ??
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