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Hey my name is Haley but on here you know me as OneDirectionsgirl.As you can guess I love One Direction,Justin Bieber,Austin Mahone,Selena Gomez,Demi Lavoto,Avril Lavigne,and many more.If you want to know anything else ask me!

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    Can I have an imagine where Im in a fight with Harry and he gets like really mean and stuff my name is Haley Marie.Thanks!
    Fanfics anyone???????? ;*
    Fanfics anyone????...
    I will make a fanfic for anyone of my fan(fic)s that comment below! Note(s): In your comment put the: Rating [Green-no mature content] [Yellow-mature content] or [Red-explicit content 16+], your name...
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    Omg my name is Haley Marie
    Wanna Be Loved
    Wanna Be Loved
    Okay, not great at these so here you go. My name is Haley. My life isn't perfect, its very far from it. But when I meet 1/5 of One Direction it gets pretty close to it. (Harry Styles fan fiction)
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    Haha cool! I love reading stories with the same name as me! Cause I can pretend its me haha...
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    Update today please
    stole my heart
    stole my heart
    (I CHANGED THE TITLE TO STOLE MY HEART) IT USED TO BE LITTLE THINGS. amy has gone through a lot, her boyfriend raped her, but when her birthday comes her mum gets her VIP tickets to meet 1D, and on the...
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    Will you do alot of chapters tonight please Im addicted

    Fight For You {Book 2 completed}
    Fight For You {Boo...
    *Sequel to Only You* It is said that time heals all wounds, but Ally’s cuts just keep getting deeper and deeper. She thinks the horror is over when Damen is locked away, but little does she know. What...
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