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I absolutely love One Direction! My fav song by them is One way or another. IT'S AMAZING Please read, comment, and like my movellas!!! :) Plz let me know if they are rubbish or good and if i should make more or not, i would love some feedback! It would be very much appreciated!

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    First read, first comment :) A good story line which some famous people probably dream about doing, but it never happens. WELL DONE!
    Different Reflection
    Different Reflecti...
    I wanted a break. Just an escape from the fame for a little while. It was a simple plan, really. A new identity, a new look, and a new history. Then I could leave, and come back when I was ready. The only...
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    aw tank you! :)
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    Sorry guys, been ill and will update soon! :)
    Kate O'shea is kidnapped, but then she is passed on to her favourite band, One Direction. Will she fall in love with one of them? Will she join the group? Find out in this story... I'm sorry i don't...
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    Update! This is good so far!
    My Brother.
    My Brother.
    Ashleigh Tomlinson is the little sister of Louis Tomlinson. She has had a good life until she starts a performing arts school with her brother, whos been going there for two years. Ashleigh is really unpopular...
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