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    I was going to a concert with my friend to be specific a one direction concert I was so excited we were wearing t shirts mine said Mrs. Malik my friends said I love niall we were also wearing one direction shorts it was the happiest day of my life we were in the front row the lights were off the started to get brighter but kind of dim when zany Louis Liam niall and harry came out they started singing little things when zany took my hand while singing your hand fits in mine like it?s made just for me and niall to my friends hand her names Mary noticing are shirts they giggled while singing after the concert ended they brought us backstage me and Mary were fan girling we couldn?t help it while we saw harry come up to us well yall seem excited he gazed into are eyes his were sparkling beautiful green eyes I couldn?t help to blush he laughed when he noticed when niall came up and said well you lovely lads wanna come get a bite with us that?s a wonderful idea said zany walking up sure we said while Mary called our moms and asked they said yes she shouted we couldn?t believe it we were going to eat with one direction we got there I sat by zayn and Louis Mary sat by niall and Liam and harry was next niall we got the food zany put his hand over mind and held it I was in shock I heard a beeping noise it was nialls phone zany smiled at him when niall put his arm around Mary and leaned in and kissed her on the cheek harry harry look at the love birds Louis showed harry oh yeah so do yall have any friends that we could meet Mary looks at me Taylor I mouth the words to her well we have Taylor I have a feeling she might like you she giggled well lets go then Louis said impatiently we drove up to taylors house com here harry I said I think you should answer the door by yourself I whispered in his ear say I lost my number can I have yours we watch as he walks out the door we see Taylor in her pajamas she looks at him and screams she?s jumping and then he says it she starts to blush he laughs and says your friends um don?t know their names but they told me you might like me so would you like to go for a ride with us of coarse she says she gets dressed what?s your name zayn asks us im Morgan and that?s Mary oh cute names niall says Taylor gets in the car looks at us it was yall she says we laugh we know harry whispers something in her ear she can see me and zayn are holding hands we start to drive where are we going skating!!! Liam yells ok!! Louis answers we get to the skating rink and we notice taylor and harry kissing haha I knew it mary says mary and niall start skating they fall on top of each other niall kissis her love birds Louis mumbles then theres me and zayn I look into his big sparkling brown eyes I wanted to kiss him but he turned away he whispered into my ear lets get out of here I ok we walk out he brings me to the back he starts kissing my neck and makes his way up to my lips I never really made out with a guy it was fun then he asks do u want to go out with me yes I kissed him and hugged him



    I kissed mary shes so beautiful looking and her perfect skin and cute freckles i thinks she likes me back we walked to a table I got a napkin and I asked for a pen I wrote will you go out with me?? ?niall and I bought her a cookie ii wrapped it up in iti gave it to her she un wraps it and sits the napkin down she looks at it her eyes lit up she looks at me with her mouth full of the cookie u serious she covers her mouth im sorry she says I laugh your cute I said she says yes but how am I going to see you your on tour and everything il make time for you I said I pressed my lips against her she seemed scared we held hands and cuddled by the wall watching harry and taylor they were kissing she seemed so happy and harry seemed in love I think im in love to I looked down at mary she looked up at me all it took was a concert she said
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