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movellas: "My Celebrity Crush"

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    Hi there! I'm sorry, this is so late! But I'm still interested in you to be my co-author for my Movella "Gotta be you." Please Email me or kik me if you still want to be my co-author!
    Wait For Me
    Wait For Me
    This story is about best friends.... Angela and Angelica was best friends and they were best friends with Harry Niall Louis Zayn and Liam from one direction but before they became famous and they lost...
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    More Please!(:
    Let Me Love You
    Let Me Love You
    Kaleigh has always been bullied at school. Her father, just became the newest addition to sunset street studios in California, and she is forced to move from her cozy home in Oklahoma, to busy loud California....
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    mumbled "Sequel!"

    Hello lovely readers,
    The First book of the sequel to My Celebrity Crush" Is now up! It is called "My Celebrity Crush 2". I really hope you guys like it, and I really love comments and all kinds of feedback. You guys are amazing!
    Thank you ♥
    Kaley xx
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    I like this, nice start.(:
    When You Loved Me
    When You Loved Me
    Acacia Clark has led a usual life, for eighteen years and six months. Her best friend during most of those years was Zayn Malik. Acacia thought of him as more than a friend, but he never had the same feelings...
    5 years ago
    Thank you so much c;
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